Friday, December 5, 2008

3D Design Challenge Prize

Do you remember the little coupon booklet I made for the 3D Design Challenge blog contest? Well...I won...and didn't even know I got a prize to go along with it. Imagine my surprise when this GORGEOUS bag showed up on my door step! This bag is made from Daily Window Products. Now, as soon as Pam first mentioned Daily Window Products on her blog, way back when, I fell in love with these bags!!! And, just recently, my GOOD friend Tonya won a bag too. I have to admit, I was totally jealous and called her a HAG for it. ROFL! While she's still a HAG for many other reasons, I no longer need to be jealous about her bag! ROFLMAO!!!! ;0)

Wanna know something else? The inside of my bag is GREEN!!! It's my all time favorite color. I am just totally excited!!! It made my day!!!!!


gqzmommy said...

that is one gorgeous bag! I'd be totally jealous if I weren't getting my own. :D xox, The Hag! LOL

gqzmommy said...

Mine came today! Woot! Woot! It's gorgeous!!! It's green inside favorite color, too!

GQ has requested I put his picture with Santa in the window. I think I might, it will give my bad a little holiday theme! :D

Thanks so much to 3-D Design! Can't wait to try their next challenge.

CREATE=FUN said...

hahah how kool!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Congrat's! Now I must call you a hag, I want one!!!!!!!! I am going to feel left out next time we get together!!!!!!