Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas present

I went to a Christmas party and we did a sock exchange. I found the cutest black socks with tiger fur on the top of them. I made this box out of one 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. The lid was another 1/4 sheet.


A wonderful friend of mine lost her father this month. I sat for almost 2 hours trying to come up with a "perfect" card for the situation. I think this turned out great.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Hannah Montana time!!!!

My (now) 9 year old daughter, Hanna, has never had a real birthday party before. She has major lung issues and every November, she is sick with pneumonia. We expect it every year, as well as last year, so we didn't have a party...only to realize the new meds she takes are working and she didn't get sick. YAY, thank God! So, this year, we assumed there would be no sickies and planned a party for her. Again, no sickies! YAY!!! As every 9 year old girl in America, she LOVES Hannah Montana. So, that would be here theme.

I found clear Hannah Montana stamps at Wal-Mart on clearance for $5. I knew I would be able to use the heck out of these. What a find!!! I made her some super simple party invites.

My wonderful friend, Pam, is a co-owner of Party Starters. She designed this beautiful Party Favor Cake for Hanna's first birthday party. Hanna was soooo excited when she saw this, it wasn't even funny. I knew she would be. And of course, I was ready to cry over her excitement. She loved it so much, she asked her friends to give her the boxes back after they got their treats from it, so she could put the cake back together and keep it in her room as a decoration.

Pam, YOU ROCK and you are the best!!! You truly made her birthday!! I think she was way more excited over that than she was her presents.

Two very simple Christmas cards. I am determined to get my Christmas cards out this year. In order to do so, I realized I needed to make them simple.

All products used are Stampin' Up!

This is a very simple birthday card I made for my sister. Purple is NOT my thing, but it is my sister's favorite color. Lately, I have been into very simple, plain cards. Maybe because of the lack of stamping time I have had lately. Hopefully I will change that very soon!

All products used are Stampin' Up!