Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, this is what John and I dressed up for this year at Angie and Doug's annual Halloween party. He was an old lady...which, was REALLY FUNNY because John refuses to dress up every year and the man will not let make-up touch his face to save his life. So, it was just freaking hilarious that he did this year. Me...well, I was a Harlem Fat Girl. I had the Fat Girl part down, but I needed a fro wig. You see, there is a story behind that. When Gwen Steffani's song Holla back girl came out, I thought she said Harlem Fat Girl and as we were on vacation with Angie, Doug, Leah, Vince, Cindy and Chris, we were sitting at the pool and I busted out singing "I Ain't No Harlem Fat Girl" and everyone there died laughing at me. Since everyone one of these people were at Angie's party, I knew they would all get my costume. It was great! You can't see very well, but I had Grilz on my teeth to go with my fro. We had a least I was told I several people. LOL!

Go on over to the family blog to see more pictures if you are interested.


gqzmommy said...

That's AWESOME! You look like the gansta' girl taking her granny back to The Home! LOL!

Sounds like you had fun...maybe you'll have some pictures that show you having fun since you don't quite remember :D LMAO!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Girl! This is fabulous!!!!!!!!!! You both totally ROCK!