Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gallery Idol Update

I just copied this from Pam's blog. Please read and vote again next Monday. Pam would appreciate it and so would I!!! I will post the link to vote again on Monday. Hopefully between now and then I will also have a card or 2 made. Not making promises though. LOL!

UPDATE: Hello Again!
Well, here I go again… Paper Crafts Magazine has changed up the contest. Since there were so many glitches with the next website they are going to have all of the Top 20 redo round one. This means I will be creating a new card with a new theme as of tomorrow evening. This time voting will start on Monday, July14th at noon (MST) and will be open until Thursday, July 17th at noon (MST). On Friday, July 18th they will announce the Top 15 who will move to round 2. So, what is different, well you must login or register to vote on the website. I will send out the link when I get it on Monday, so watch for that. They are not going to tell you who made each card, so that it won’t be a popularity contest. There will be a voting button, not just a “love it” button. Only one vote per person, like originally planned. Lastly no one will be able to see how many votes are cast on anyone person. Whew! SO… here I go again! Thank you so much for being patient. I know this has been a pain, but I really do appreciate your support it means the world to me.

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