Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, I finally used my Cricut Expressions my wonderful husband bought me for Christmas, 2 years ago!!!

A great friend of mine asked me to make some train invites for her son's birthday party. She had no other request other than trains. So, not only did I use my Expressions for the first time, I also purchased something off of Ebay for the first time. I found this cartridge at Michaels for $69.99 then my hubbs told me to search e-bay...a place I never look. Low and behold, I got it for $30.00, free shipping!

So, here is the card I created with it, then saw an empty picture frame laying around and thought I'd keep going with my cricut. When I finished with that, I needed a bag to put the frame in, so I made the bag myself out of 2 sheets of 8.5 card stock and added another cricut train to it. I love it!


Pamela Smerker said...

OMG these are so stinkin' cute Karie! I love them!!!

Tonya A said...

all adorable! and great find on ebay!!