Friday, September 19, 2008

Just have to share

OK, so I know these aren't craft related and they should be on our family blog, but I just had to share these. I love naked baby pictures! I have a naked baby picture of each one of the kids in our bathroom, and now our set is complete! I took these the other night as soon as our power came back on. I couldn't resist!

The second looks like D is smiling at me, but I just happened to snap this as he was talking to me. He was saying MMMMMMMMM, you MOM. I don't care what you say...that's what he was saying. ROFLMAO! He looks so big in this picture. I just love em both!!!


mjenningsdesigns said...

What a little cutie pie! Of course he was saying Mama!


Birdbrain said...

OMG, Karie! That is what John must look like nekkid! that baby is too cute.

Flower said...

Baby butt! TOo cute!
That child is undeniably one of yours, Karie. You must get your kids baby pics mixed up!

Michelle said...

OMG, so handsome. I love the naked baby pictures too. He really is growing so fast. So adorable Karie!