Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm going to need a shrink!

I'm so depressed! Let me tell you why. I am addicted to Wylers Lite Fruit Punch...basically very cheap Crystal Light. I drink about 2 quarts a day. I had my glass sitting on my desk which is right next to my stamping table. My son, Joey, comes in here, flipping his arms like a girl and knocks my glass over! There were no projects on my stamp table, so I was lucky there. But guess what? My bin of 12 x 12 PP was under it and that's where all of the water landed. I probably had to throw away 75% of my stash of 12 x 12 since it was stained with red and soaking wet. I cut off as much as I could, but it just left me with scraps. I hoard my PP, so to lose so much of it makes me sick! I've been buying it for YEARS! My brand new Berry Bliss or something like that from SU was completely ruined. I have no $ to replace all of this. WTH? Ohhhh, I was fuming. Poor Joey, he knew he was about to get it, so he took off running. He was only playing around, so I can't be mad...but I AM!!!!

Oh well, there is my post for the day. I'm going to go bury my head now.


mjenningsdesigns said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I don't scrap I could totally imagine if this happened to my beads! You poor thing :-( I am so sorry!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

My son was into throwing everything in the trash for a while and well, I couldn't find my little pink perfect camera. On top of thinking he may have thrown it away, I realized that I hadn't transfered almost the whole month of pictures from the camera to my computer. I was livid, but I couldn't be mad at a 14month old! I was crying hysterically and at times I couldn't breathe because I had looked everywhere! I thought the trash had come and I heard the truck and ran outside in a tee-shirt without a bra and some pj pants and was waving my hands in the air, still crying. I asked to have a few of the trash bags back!! I went through the trash bags while sitting on my kitchen floor... I was covered in tears and coffee beans. I sat on the kitchen floor sobbing until my mother came to pick up my son because I was too upset to properly take care of him.... So end of the story, I found the camera in between the couch cushions and cried again because I hadn't checked well enough. Needless to say I was pretty embarrassed with myself.

Anyway, I would just attribute it to your new baby. He still is pretty young and hormones don't get back to normal for a while do they?

Also, I use either reuse an empty water bottle or one of those plastic bottles made to be re-used to hold my drink because I could spill an unopened can of soup on myself!! I am a huge klutz. Hope you feel better about your papers soon!

MezzoKat said...

Not a shrink, a shoulder to cry on and a surprise gift of pp. I'm so sorry for you!

gqzmommy said...

OMG...that could totally happen at this house...we drink the same stuff!

I'll pour my next glass out into the sink in honor of your recent loss...all that pretty paper, such a sad loss.

I had to laugh at Joey's reaction, it's probably the same thing GQ would do!

Pamela Smerker said...

OH yikes, that totally stinks! See God made them so stinking cute so when things like this happen we won't kill them. LOL is that a horrible thing to say or what. Aly is into cutting up my paper into little itty bitty pieces. I found one of my new sheets on the floor chopped to death into a fine confetti. I think I almost cried. Hang in there... maybe some paper angels will bring you a gift. :)

Michele L. said...

what's a poor mama to do but move on...seriously, I feel your pain as I am a hoarder of PP too.