Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Look at this oh so gorgeous bracelet that I got from Melissa! She is so very talented and has a heart of gold to boot. She is the owner of MJennings Designs, LLC and she makes the most awesome jewelry ever. I've gotten several things from her before and I have to say...there is not one single item that has ever just been "nice"...everything has been AWESOME! You seriously need to check her out by clicking here. Her prices are wonderful, the quality is top notch and she has plenty of ideas to help you out. Talk about great customer service!!!

Thank you so much Melissa, I am so happy with my bracelet! My kids call it "Mom bling". LOL!


mjenningsdesigns said...

Thanks for the awesome compliments! I am glad you got some Mom Bling :-)

gqzmommy said...

beautiful! I know how excited you are to have that and wear it proudly!

Diane said...

Beautiful ....just love it!